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Scritto da Pierluigi   
Mercoledì 16 Marzo 2011 00:00

Veneto confirms to be not only one of the best European places to visit but also a real Lancistic country, where collectors love drive their historical cars despite of their ages instead of give them a museal sweet death.

That's why the 5th of May 2010 around Marostica (the famous living chess town) people enjoy on the roads the dynamic view of splendid cars as the Astura Ministeriale which brought Hitler and Mussolini around Firenze during the '39 together with one Lambda Sport SWB , Augusta, Ardea, Aprilia , Aurelia and so on till my always amazing Gamma Coupe' S2, the youngest of the 35 Lancias of the Meeting.

As usual this year the Meeting wanted to celebrate the 50th of Flavias and for this reason particularly appreciated have been the two Berlinas S1 of Mr. Panto ( a black 1.8 which had as first owner Pope Giovanni Paolo I ) and a Grigio NewMarket 1.5 of the well known collector Claudio Saccomandi (with original plate Turin). Two Flavias Sport Zagato, two 2000 HF and one Flavia coupe' 2.0 completed this Anniversary show.

A interesting selection of V6 engines has been offered by three Aurelias (one B20 and two B24) and three Flaminias (one classic Berlina 2.8 and two rare Sport Zagato).

The presence of many other Zagatos (Appia, Fulvia and Beta) has been assured by the support of the Zagato Car Club with base in Padua, not far from Marostica).

But the perfect manager of this meeting was Mr. Getulio Ferri and his staff: Getulio made everything magic, from A to Z, and I'm sure is now thinking to the next Lancia Meeting.

Pierluigi Tomasi/ 6.2010

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