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Scritto da Pierluigi   
Domenica 17 Aprile 2011 19:37

after many years of trials & evaluations as well as asking “know-How”
from the kind gentleman Enrico Cavalitto in Torino; which he gave to me.
hence “ I still was unable” to overcome this constant cardan-axle problem”
meaning = always vibrations from 2400 RPM upto 4000 RPM & with some cars
even upto 6500 RPM………………

In a last attempt…..I contacted  = www.geffen-ams.nl = this company is a specialist
World-wide // even upto Japan & Korea // had a meeting with the C.E.O.
Mr Joop van Geffen. (details conc. this company are noticable on their website)

Went to him with the trans-axle system cars involved. =  The SOFTWARE
used by www.geffen-ams.nl  is  “top-of-the-bill” // ofcourse it “took” us
6 hours to locate to locations which we had to adjust with small rings; after
the in-balance-loactions had been found; Mr J.van Geffen proceeded with is know-how.

Locations to balance:  are the NUTS & BOLTS of the cardan-axle, especialy
around the middle=centre=bearing = when you increase weights (=rings)
or de-crease weights at these locations = the results will be orgasm-like

Lancia // in the past //  used longer bolts with BIG heads as well as somewhat
shorter bolts with THINNER heads =  this is the  “secret”  to balance a
Lancia Flamina & Aurelia trans-axle system

HOPE you ALL might have some use conc. my own experiences = all
cars NOW drive like HEAVEN = no-more ANY fibrations what so ever…

Special Note:  before You proceed: be aware & make sure that………………..

(a)       the (2) cardan axles are separately balanced stattic & dynamic (=both)
(b)       the middle cardan=propellor-shaft bearing = perfect (or new)
(c)       the centre-rubber (mounted around the middle bearing) = perfect
(d)       all the “males & femals” (=pins & rings) are perfect OR new
(e)       the HARDY-discs (3) have the correct strength (=65) & must be perfect.
(f)        the REAR “bellhouse” + the complete clutch & small flywheel are neutral in weight

Any “actions OR steps”  ONLY  contact  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. & Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = you will have an irr. success with this Specialist

Kindest regards, mit freundlichen Grüssen, recevez mes salutations distinguées, cordiali saluti,

E.S.G. de Haas.


T. +31 (0) 65 37 40 600

F. +31 (0) 30 63 52 185

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Classic Lancia Co. (member of the BuRoPo BV group)

De Bouw 1-A, 3991 SX Houten, The Netherlands


reg. at chamber of commerce Utrecht - The Netherlands nr. 30203409

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